Senior Picture for Guys – Ryan is on the blog today!

Yes – guys need senior pictures too!!!

Can’t believe my son Ryan is a SENIOR! After being a senior photographer for 10 years.. it’s my first borns turn!

We did Boston Rooftop then hit the beach in Gloucester!

Senior boy rooftop - Kristen Zannella Photography

Rooftop Senior boy session

Senior boy in suit rooftop session

Rooftop senior guy session

senior guy rooftop session - Kristen Zannella Photography

Rooftop senior guy session –

Kristen Zannella Photography specializes in capturing unforgettable senior pictures and portraits for guys. Get in touch today to make the moments unbeatable.

Senior pictures are more than just photos; they’re a rite of passage that captures the essence of one’s personality and achievements during their high school years. For boys, these photos can be an opportunity to showcase their interests, hobbies, sports, or any other aspect that defines who they are at this pivotal stage in life.

Boys often shy away from photo sessions thinking it might be too feminine or unnecessary. However, this perception is far from reality. Senior pictures for guys have evolved over time and now incorporate elements that resonate with their style and preferences. These photos allow them to express themselves authentically while creating lasting memories.

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